Toddler game: Books on board

Toddler game: Books on board

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A fun activity for your toddler

Looking at colorful board books is a great quiet-time activity to do together. There's no better way to instill a love of reading in your little one.

Good for age: 13 months (but older and younger kids might enjoy it, too!)

Skills developed: language, love of books, attention, relaxation

What you'll need: a favorite book or two and a comfortable place to sit (try making a cozy "book nook" in the corner with some large floor cushions)

Make reading more interactive by pointing things out in the pictures: "This is a big dog, just like Grandma's dog." Or, "There's the baby's nose. And here's your nose!"

You can also let your toddler be the pointer, as you ask him, "Where's the moon?" or "Can you point to the green ball?"

Your toddler might enjoy turning the pages himself, but don't worry if he turns them before you've finished reading the sentence. The important thing is that he enjoys story time, even if it means you only read bits and pieces of the story. He's probably taking in more than you realize.

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