Saint Jenaro Day, September 19. Names for boys

Saint Jenaro Day, September 19. Names for boys

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Jenaro is a name for a boy of Latin origin that means "consecrated to Janus", Janus being a god of Roman mythology, so it may be perfect for your child.

Although it is not one of the most frequent names, its use is not strange or old-fashioned but rather gives a touch of dignity and originality. He celebrates his name day on September 19, which is the day of San Jenaro.

Due to the meaning of his name, Jenaro has a charismatic personality that is very attractive to others. Jenaro triumphs in social relationships because of his cheerful and vital character and because he is a person who can be easily trusted. In addition, Jenaro has a great capacity for effort that he does not hesitate to dedicate to his family.

The name Jenaro is known throughout the world thanks to the Latin tradition, being an especially frequent name in Italy, from where the Saint Jenaro originates, as well as the patron saint of Naples. We know its variant in Catalan, Gener, as well as in Italian, Gennaro, although it is also possible to write this name as Genaro.

It may help you to choose the name of your baby to know the Saint who bears his name, patron of Naples and in whose basilica the miracle of the liquefaction of his blood takes place, which is a process by means of which the solidified blood of the saint it becomes liquid.

But if we especially like the name of your son, it is because of his relationship with the Roman god Janus, a god of two faces, who took care of the beginnings and the endings. Hence, the first month of the year also receives its name (ianuarius). As popular characters we know the former player of the Italian soccer team, Gennaro Gattuso or the Chilean writer Jenaro Prieto.

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