Fredo Fox. The mascot that teaches children to be supportive

Fredo Fox. The mascot that teaches children to be supportive

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on our site we had a surprise visit. A little fox knocked on our door, his name is Fredo fox and he came to visit us to introduce himself and tell us about all the trips he makes around the world. We found it so interesting that we want you to know it.

Fredo Fox is a small green fox with a red nose, a short vest and a bow tie. It is a friendly and very curious pet. He loves to make friends and travels the world making films and documentaries so that we can learn about the fantastic projects that people and institutions carry out to help other people live with dignity.

The little fox tries to teach one of the most important values ​​to children: solidarity. For it He has traveled to countries such as the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala or El Salvador. Once there, Fredo Fox has been interested in development cooperation projects carried out by both people and NGOs to help other people.

It all came about when one day Fredo Fox, who has always liked helping other people, thought it would be a good idea to tell his friends between 6 and 12 years old, how children and their families live that have more difficult conditions. In this way, children who live in more favorable conditions will be able to find out what problems other children have who, for example, do not even have their own bed to sleep on.

Since then, Fredo Fox has traveled to different countries and 'The World of Fredo Fox' is his way of telling children and their families that there are other worlds and other needs. The way you do it is through the educational cards, films and documentaries that we can see on their website. Thus, through the episodes of Fredo Fox, we can teach our children what development cooperation means. It is also a great way to learn from those people who work to help others.

Fredo Fox's travels have seemed so interesting to us that, from GuiaInfantil, we will talk to you about them every week. We can even watch videos of their adventures ... don't miss it!

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