Saint Ivan's Day, June 24. Names for boys

Saint Ivan's Day, June 24. Names for boys

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Ivan is a name for a boy of Russian origin, a variant of the name Juan, so its meaning is "the merciful". It is a name of exceptional beauty that can be perfect for your child.

It is one of the most frequent names, like Juan, who likes parents and children for its simplicity and musicality. He celebrates his name day on June 24, which is Saint Ivan's day.

Due to the meaning of his name, Iván has a charismatic personality that exerts a great influence on others. Iván triumphs in social relationships because of his sympathy and wit and because his name is surrounded by mystery. Furthermore, Iván does not hesitate to acquire responsibilities in the family and work environment.

The name Ivan is known in all languages, although as we say, it comes from the oldest Slavic tradition. It is one of those names that does not lose freshness and vitality despite its continued use and always brings an original touch to the child who wears it.

Due to its Slavic origin, there are many historical figures that we know by the name of your son who belonged to the Russian royalty. Perhaps the best known is Ivan IV, a Russian prince also called Ivan the Terrible whose figure is surrounded by legend.

In the world of sports we also find several footballers named Iván, such as Iván Campo or Iván de la peña. And we cannot forget the mythical Spanish singer from the early 80s known as Iván, with hits that will remain in pop history as "Fotonovela".

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