Soothe baby bumps

Soothe baby bumps

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After school holidays, outdoor games, long days without many tasks to do, fun and free time, fall arrives. Children have to adapt to new schedules, different routines, play in the yard with friends and spend more time indoors.

When they return to school, babies and children sometimes suffer from the distance from their parents, but once the adaptation period has passed, they spend great moments with friends, especially in leisure time in the courtyard of the school. school during recess.

These are times to learn new games, socialize with other children, and engage in outdoor activities. Learning to walk, playing with the sand, jumping rope ... all of them are exciting and exciting experiences for the child, in addition to the lesson tasks that will help them to train and learn little by little.

However, these activities carry minimal risk. It is a fact that sooner or later children will fall or hit themselves.

Parents have to be prepared for these occasions. A very useful item to always carry in your bag is a gel or cream based on arnica, in order to alleviate the blows of the baby and children.

If your child leaves school very happy and runs into your arms, delighted to see you after a school day and falls on the road, the first thing you have to do is stay calm and reassure him. While we give him support, affection and pampering, we have to explain to him that falls and bumps are something normal and that it is part of the same learning. Parents have to teach the child to get up and continue playing.

In the event that our child falls while playing in the park, takes his first steps in the park or does fun activities with his friends and gets a bruise or has a blow, we can apply an ointment on the place where the child has received the blow, and massage it with affection. There are gel or cream bars on the market, which fit in any bag. They are very practical to take on walks with children.

In general, the gels are very comforting for the little ones and have beneficial properties of three medicinal plants: arnica, devil's claw and maritime feverfew, which provide freshness, softness and relief when your baby's skin needs it.

One of the advantages of is how easy it is to use since it works by gently rubbing the bar on the area of ​​the skin that you want to relieve and can be used as many times as necessary.

Ointments are a holy remedy for bruises, bumps and bruises in children. It can only be applied to open wounds.

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