Santo Ruperto Day, March 27. Names for boys

Santo Ruperto Day, March 27. Names for boys

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Ruperto is a name for a boy of Germanic origin that means "the glorious one". It is the old form of one of the most frequent names, Roberto, that is why it has much more strength backed by the weight of tradition.

Ruperto can be the perfect name for your child if you like original and little used names without falling into extravagance. He celebrates his name day on March 27, which is Saint Rupert's day.

Due to the meaning of his name, Ruperto has a charismatic, intelligent and brilliant personality with great wit. That makes him the true soul of his group of friends, because Ruperto is also sociable and very seductive. But the strength of his name derives from being able to overcome adversity under any circumstance and standing up as the true protector of his own.

The name Ruperto is not very frequent in Spanish-speaking countries. However, its English variant Rupert is very popular these days, giving your son's name a cosmopolitan aura that is hard to match. Because the name Ruperto gives off an energy that few names have.

The world of cinema shows us a wide representation of the name of your child, such as the British actor Rupert Everett, the protagonist of such well-known films as “My best friend's wedding” and “Something almost perfect”, or Rupert Graves, very popular for "A room with a view." We also have director Rupert Sanders, known for "Snow White and the Huntsman."

In another order of interest we find two popular characters very loved by the public. One of them of flesh and blood, the television hairdresser Rupert, now converted into a seer. And the other, fictional, in the figure of the beloved pumpkin Ruperta, who was the mascot of the popular contest "One, two, three."

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