Saint Louise Day, March 15. Names for girls

Saint Louise Day, March 15. Names for girls

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Luisa is a name for a girl of Germanic origin that means "illustrious warrior". It is a name with a long tradition that is losing popularity, contrary to what happens with its male version, Luis, which remains one of the most frequent names.

In any case, it is an ideal name for your girl if you want to keep the tradition and you like familiar names. He celebrates his name day on March 15, which is the day of Santa Luisa.

Due to the meaning of her name, Luisa implies an energetic and dynamic character. With an overwhelming personality, Luisa stands out for her sympathy and her intuition, so she does not usually have problems managing successfully in social relationships. In addition, Luisa has a great capacity for work that is accompanied by an alert intelligence and great dedication.

The name Luisa is used in many languages ​​with some variations, and there is no lack of someone who puts the name of your daughter in relation to Eloísa. We are especially familiar with its variants in Italian, Luigina, or in French, Louise, a form that is also used in English along with Lois. But in any of its forms, Luisa is one of those names that has managed to preserve beauty throughout the ages.

Important personalities have borne your daughter's name throughout history. Like the queens María Luisa de Savoya, María Luisa de Parma or María Luisa de Orleans. The tradition of women named Luisa has been maintained to this day in the figure of the Spanish actress María Luisa Merlo, but also in the form of fictional characters, such as the protagonist of "Thelma Y Louise" or Superman's partner Lois Lane.

The name of your daughter has also remained in the popular consciousness thanks to Verdi's opera "Luisa", and especially, to that plant with beautiful flowers, attractive aroma and multitude of medicinal properties that is the Herb Luisa. Without a doubt, Luisa, it is a name that will reinforce the attractiveness and qualities of your girl wherever she goes.

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