Saint Fabian's Day, January 20. Names for boys

Saint Fabian's Day, January 20. Names for boys

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Fabián is a name for a child of Latin origin that means “the one who belongs to the Fabia family”. It is a name that in recent times is gaining great popularity among children, and it is not strange, because it is surrounded by all the greatness and nobility derived from the gens or Roman family to which it refers. He celebrates his name day on January 20, which is Saint Fabian's day.

Fabián has an energetic and sociable character, with very varied concerns, his mind explodes every so often with new ideas, which makes him a dynamic and enterprising person.

His great creative force makes Fabián have a very charismatic and attractive personality. In addition, nobility and elegance are implicit in the meaning of its name.

The name Fabián hardly presents any variations in other languages. His Italian forms Fabio and Fabiano are also frequent, as well as his feminine Fabiana and Fabiola, all of them recognized as names that bring great distinction.

Fabi or Fabito are used as diminutives of your child's name and the form Fabo is also quite common.

The gens or Fabia family was one of the most illustrious and prestigious of ancient Rome. We know many Fabio who held important consular posts and they are one of the few patrician families that actively fought for the rights of commoners, a social position that almost led to the disappearance of the Fabio lineage.

The name of your son has been transmitted to us thanks to the personality of the 3rd century Pope Fabian, who would later be sanctified, celebrating his name day on the same day as Saint Sebastian, so his notoriety is somewhat eclipsed. However, in recent years, more and more parents have decided to give their baby the name Fabián, which continues to maintain all its originality.

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