The clowns that reach the hearts of children

The clowns that reach the hearts of children

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Between colored wigs, ingrown noses, funny hats, big boots and uneven clothing, clowns have always been the favorite performers of children. And precisely the children who are now 30 and 40 years old remember the last of The Clowns on TV, Emilio Aragón, who achieved success in his career in the 70s with his particular television circus.

With less makeup than usual in clowns, a long tunic of a single color, a red nose, large boots and a cap as basic and essential clothing, Miliki achieved success without fanfare in her wardrobe and with a closeness and cordiality that only the clowns that reach the hearts of children they manage to conquer. His adventures, his jokes, his good-natured innocence ... made the little ones smile and laugh.

This show was loaded with artisan nuances wisely mixed in the shaker of humor. They had fun while educating the children without realizing it. Between applause, illusions and smiles, we learned the multiplication table with one song, with another how to say hello and with another how to count numbers. In each adventure, a comic in which the clowns lived a vital event, after the development, each outcome had a moral like the fables. Thus, we children also learned the values, which are so important in the education of children.

Clowns have been the quintessential entertainers for children for centuries. In their origins, these characters worked to amuse the children of the court and performed their shows in the castles and palaces of Europe. Little by little, his show adapted to the rest of society and spread in such a way that all the children of the world have been able to laugh at some time with clowns, although not all.

It will sound strange to you, but there is a phobia of clowns, which generally manifests itself in children, although it also persists in adolescents and adults. This phobia of clowns is known as coulrophobia and is defined as a persistent, abnormal and unjustified fear of clowns. And it is that those who suffer from this phobia recognize that what scares them the most about clowns is what hides their true identity, that is, their excessive makeup, their strong red nose and their strange hair. Not all those who suffer from coulrophobia experience it to the same degree: some feel a real panic, and in others it is rather a suspicion that does not amount to terror.

Now that I am older, I love knowing that it was precisely this, what Miliki fled from, approaching the simplicity and essence of the child, betting on the idea of ​​reaching the hearts of children without great staging or excessive makeup.

Marisol New.

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