Guiainfantil Network and 7 Pets: hand in hand on Youtube

Guiainfantil Network and 7 Pets: hand in hand on Youtube

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From now on, children can have a lot of fun with the cute videos of the 7 Pets, on Youtube. The 7 Pets just got on the channel GuiaInfantil Network to make available to children a series of videos that, with a lot of fantasy and animation, teach essential values ​​for children.

If your children still do not know the 7 Pets, I think it may be a good time to do so. You'll see how beautiful ...

For those who still do not know the series 7 PetsIt is about cubs of animals that come, each one, from a part of the planet. They live in an imaginary cave that, although it seems to have no way out, they find it, and from there they have to face the world without experience, but with a good dose of feelings of coexistence and teamwork.

In addition to being entertaining, the series is educational and highly imaginative. Each chapter is an independent story where the protagonists have to overcome with effort and humor new and surprising situations with the support of their friends. Produced by Pets entertainment, the series was born with the purpose of promoting values, such as tolerance and respect, which come from living with friends, practicing sports and teamwork for children of preschool age and Primary Education.

The 7 Pets dolls were designed and manufactured by Animated Dolls, a leading company in the audiovisual market for dolls, with over 30 years of experience and more than 150 dolls made, both for theater, television and cinema. They are the parents of 7 Pets, as well as the dolls of Los Lunnis, Gomaespuma, the TVE circus, and many others.

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