Helpless children in the face of the crisis

Helpless children in the face of the crisis

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The economic crisis is hitting hard and the budget cuts are also reaching children, who are the most affected in their development and the least guilty of all this. Some children are eating only one meal a day, the one at school because their parents do not have enough to give them breakfast or dinner.

Infant feeding is a priority for the development of children and, without a doubt, eating just one meal a day should negatively influence their development. Soup kitchens in many countries are daily at full capacity and in certain cities some people have taken the initiative to decorate the soup kitchen as a restaurant, so that parents can take their children on weekends and their children have the feeling that they have gone out to eat at a restaurant.

Thinking about the nutritional needs of children, it is now essential to rethink the way to fill the shopping basket and cook with nutritious recipes, but more affordable for the pocket, planning with the head and not with the stomach the feeding of the whole family.

A good idea istake advantage of leftovers to make new dishes. Some of the cooking recipes that children like the most are made with leftovers such as croquettes, lasagna, cannelloni, fillings, crumbs or old clothes. There are practically recipes for all leftovers. In this same line,we can also look for cheap recipes, selecting those whose ingredients are not expensive such as, for example, all those that have legumes, pasta and rice, for example. In this way, children's food can be delicious and very cheap.

In the shopping cart, parents must check prices to go to shops that offer quality at the best price and have offers. In addition, it is convenient plan your purchases well daily, weekly or monthly, buyingseasonal products, which are cheaper, fresher and healthier, and rush to preserve food properly, freezing all those that may expire quickly or will not be consumed shortly.

Sometimes it can be even good to change some eating habits for healthier and cheaper ones. It is always possible to dispense with superfluous products like drinks and definitely opt for water. Generally, measures like this lead to very substantial savings in spending.

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