The controversial practice of yoga for babies

The controversial practice of yoga for babies

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Has anyone ever seen anything like it? I dare to put only some of the countless photos that circulate in the media, because I'm sure something like me will happen to you, just looking at them they made my hair stand on end. No wonder it was controversial practice of this yoga for babies.

What do we call that: Yoga, Stunts, Throws, or Baby Shaking?

The video with these images tooIt caused controversy and endless criticism on YouTube. An image of a woman is seen twirling and swinging a baby like a loop around her body. The first question that occurred to me was whether the baby in her hands,is it real or is it a doll. I think that only a doll could "survive" and come out of such sudden movements whole.

I still lean towards the idea of ​​it being a toy baby.

As far as is known, Lena Fokina She is 50 years old, she is Russian, and she teaches yoga and swimming classes for babies.

In one of the interviews she gave to different media, the teacher clarified that the baby in the video is a girl and was two weeks old when the recording was made. She explains that this acrobatic technique of throwing, turning and turning the little ones, grasping them only by the feet and hands, is widely used in Russia by Yoga teachers, because they consider that the joints or limbs of babies are not exposed to risks or dangers.

We all know the benefits of yoga during and after pregnancy, but few, including myself, know anything about it. yoga for babies. The Russian teacher says that babies who get to try this type of yoga they learn much faster to read, write, talk and swim. I still reserve my doubts about this practice. I don't find it reassuring to watch the video or the images. Imagine for the baby! It would be necessary to know more about the subject, right?

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