Discover Pritt's New Virtual World of Crafts

Discover Pritt's New Virtual World of Crafts

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There is no doubt that the experiences and learning that children acquire from birth are the basic foods for the formation of their imagination and creativity. Children need to express their ideas in one way or another and what better than crafts to do it, right?

Crafts are an activity through which children can express, reflect and materialize their ideas, fantasies and their particular vision of the world, but they are also a fantastic entertainment either for vacations, weekends, or a rainy afternoon, for to be able to share a good time with the family.

The quality of the materials used in them is very important so that, after all the effort and enthusiasm that children put into making them, the result is what they expected.

With this in mind, Pritt, the brand that invented the glue stick in 1969, offers us a wide range of superior quality products.

In addition, Pritt takes into account that children today are increasingly connected to the online world, where they spend much of their free time. That's why they launch Little Pritt World into a new virtual world where your children can explore, create and play, having fun while developing their creativity.

it is a world that grows with the houses that the children themselves build. On the website you can find different templates to choose from among different models of houses, transport or animals and decorate them as you prefer, painting them in many colors, gluing different materials such as buttons, wool, glitter, fabrics, pasta ...

You just have to let your imagination run wild! Once their craft is finished they will have to take a photo and upload it. As if by magic, your creation will become 3D and will become part of Mr. Pritt's virtual world.

Besides uploading as many crafts as they want, children can enjoy many other activities, such as seeing the houses uploaded by other children and voting for the ones they like the most, playing different games and accumulating points, participating in contests ... . And many other things!

Enter discover this fantastic world and have fun creating with your children. The limit is your imagination!

Mirna Santos. Editor of our site

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